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Creative portrait

Soho, London
…being creative is a mindset, never stop trying new ideas.

Most photographers try the “colorful lights” portraits at the studio, because the setup requires professional photography lights and gear that need cables, power, and are huge to carry around. However, as technology is advancing, now days we can have powerful enough led lights that are portable, using batteries. They are light enough to carry, slim enough to fit in your bag, like lightsabers from Star Wars, and they change colors with the press of a button.

I got these new portable led lights and two stands. We are going to the heart of central London, in a search of city lights at night, to blend them with my “studio lights” and create these dramatic colorful portraits.

After brainstorming locations, with my model Liliana, we decided to visit Soho for this creative concept. Soho was the best destination, because it has all those theaters and shops with neon signs and lights, that blend perfectly in the background with our project. Giving these lively city vibes, not a boring dark backdrop from a studio.

If you are located in London, feel free to book your own Dramatic Portraits Session, using the automated from on my website. You can chose the time and day of your session, pay online, and we ll have a call to discuss the details.

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