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Minimal vs busy
… Finding diamonds in the ruff.

Today, I had the pleasure of collaborating with a charismatic artist for a portrait photoshoot in the vibrant heart of Athens.
Euphemia is a talented photographer, with a deep love for dance.

Portraits in nature

Our adventure began in the serene Athens National Gardens.

Here, amidst the lush greenery, we discovered a stunning beam of light that created a dramatic and almost fantastical scene, reminiscent of a scene from a fantasy movie or an evocative music video.

greek island vibes

Next, we ventured to Anafiotika, a charming, hidden gem nestled beneath the Acropolis.

Despite its central location in Athens, Anafiotika boasts the quaint charm of a traditional Greek island.
The area’s unique architecture and the lively atmosphere provided a perfect backdrop for our shoot.

busy background

As we explored, we stumbled upon a scene with a warm and vibrant color palette.

The combination of greens, bright  red, and the wall’s pastel tones was so compelling that I, a fan of minimalist backgrounds, felt inspired to experiment with this busier, yet beautiful, setting.


Around this time of the year, the trees become their own artists, almost like using temperas,
they dye their leaves with pastel colors, that scream “Autumn” right back at you, the moment you look at them.

minimal background

Finding a clean and minimalistic background comes so naturally to me, I can say its my comfort zone.

Minimal & clean, doesn’t mean boring.
This intense golden – orange wall creates so many emotions and grabs your attention immediately.

We managed to position ourselves strategically, so the bouncing lights from the wall behind us, blended with natural light from the sky in such a way that the final result looks like we used professional studio lighting setup!

leading lines

Another aspect of photography I adore is using leading lines.

Discovering this particular wall was like uncovering a hidden treasure.
We worked to find the perfect angles and positioning, resulting in a dynamic and visually compelling photograph.

This photoshoot with Euphemia was more than just capturing beautiful images; it was a vivid reminder of the unexpected wonders that await in the streets of Athens, or any city where you find yourself in.

Embracing the joy of spontaneity, sometimes it’s incredibly rewarding to simply wander, explore, and trust your instincts.

It’s in these unplanned moments that you might stumble upon diamonds in the ruff,
the kind you discover precisely because you weren’t actively searching for them.



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