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5 locations for portraits
in London.
…London combines a very busy city with tall buildings, old and new architecture blended together. And within 5 minutes walking distance, you can find yourself in a park surrounded by nature!

When it comes to taking portraits in London, there are many beautiful and unique locations to choose from. Every neighborhood has its own architecture, style of buildings, and color palette. By jumping in the tube, within 20 minutes you can find yourself in a very different scenery.

Here are 5 great locations for portraits in London that will help you capture stunning and memorable shots.

1) Notting Hill

This area is known for its charming pastel-colored houses and quaint streets, which make for a picturesque backdrop for your portraits. Walking the streets of Notting Hill, will instantly make you feel like you are inside a Hollywood movie-set!

You can also visit Portobello Road Market, which offers a lively and colorful atmosphere with plenty of street performers and vendors that add an extra touch to your photos.

Check some of my photoshoots at Notting Hill:
Notting Hill Portrait Session with Nastia
Fashion Street Photography at Notting Hill

Fashion Street Photography at Notting Hill
Ramona & Larisa at Hyde Park
2) Hyde Park

This famous park is one of the largest in London, with beautiful greenery and scenic views. Because of its vastness, every time I go there for a photoshoot session, I always find some new backgrounds that I never noticed before. It’s an ideal location for capturing natural and relaxed portraits, with plenty of space to move around and experiment with different angles and lighting. You can also check out the Serpentine Lake, which adds a serene and romantic ambiance to your photos.

Check some of my photoshoots at Hyde Park:
Photographing Twins at Hyde Park
Portrait session with Thomas at Hyde Park
Portraits with Teresa at Hyde Park
Photoshoot with Vini at Hyde Park

3) Regent’s Park

Another great location for portraits in London is Regent’s Park, Its located close to the center, so its easy to access. Regent’s Park boasts plenty of vibrant gardens, tree-lined avenues, and stunning architecture. The park is perfect for capturing colorful and lively portraits, with a wide variety of backdrops and scenery to choose from.

Check some of my photoshoots at Regent’s Park:
Photographing Maria at Regent’s Park

Maria’s portrait session at Rigent’s Park.
Holland Park
Portraits in Nature, Holland Park | London.
4) Holland Park: 

This beautiful park is known for its peacocks and stunning Japanese gardens, making it a perfect location for a unique and colorful portrait shoot. You can also visit the park’s amazing Kyoto Garden, which offers a peaceful and serene backdrop for your photos. Just keep in mind, that Kyoto Garden is very popular location for photos, and if you chose to go there on the weekend, it might be difficult to get a clean portrait without other people on the background.

Check some of my photoshoots at Holland Park:
Luz’s portrait session at Holland Park

5) Golders Hill Park

This lesser-known park is a hidden gem for portrait photographers in London. It offers a mix of beautiful gardens, water features, and wildlife, making it a unique location for portraits. You can also take advantage of the park’s hilltop location, which provides panoramic views of the city and a dramatic background for your photos.

Check some of my photoshoots at Golders Hill Park:
Larisa’s portrait session at Golders Hill Park

Portrait Session | Golders Hill Park.

Bonus Locations:

The Southbank: This iconic location offers stunning views of the River Thames and the city skyline, as well as plenty of street performers and entertainment for a lively and dynamic photo shoot.

Covent Garden: This bustling area is full of character and charm, with a variety of colorful storefronts and street performers to add some extra flair to your portraits.

The Barbican: This unique location is an architectural marvel, with plenty of interesting shapes and angles to work with for your portraits. It also offers plenty of indoor locations in case of inclement weather.

These are just a few of the many great locations for portraits in London, so get out there and start exploring!

What’s your top 5 Locations for portraits in London?
Don’t hesitate to send me your favorite places and I will make sure to check them out!

Thanos Chatzitsakos,
Photorgapher based in London.

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