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Nurse Zara

A Day of Captivating Photography
From Regent’s Park to Soho
… Today, I am beyond thrilled to share an extraordinary photoshoot that I had the privilege to conduct with the exceptionally talented Nurse Zara.

Before we dive into the exciting details of our day, let me give you a glimpse into who Nurse Zara is.

Nurse Zara is an inspiring content creator and YouTuber, known for her dynamic and compassionate persona. Through her videos, she shares a blend of her life experiences in the nursing field and lifestyle content. Her heartwarming smile and sincere dedication to healthcare and wellness have made her a beloved figure among her audience. Zara’s channel not only educates but also inspires many aspiring healthcare professionals. The positive impact she has made is immeasurable.

Portraits in Nature at rigent’s park

Our creative journey began at the picturesque Regent’s Park, with its lush gardens, expansive green lawns, and tranquil water features, is often regarded as one of London’s hidden gems.

This park is an oasis in the heart of London and has a rich history dating back to the early 19th century. It is not only popular among locals for leisure but also among photographers who seek the perfect blend of natural beauty and ambient light.

portraits in vibrant soho

Energized by the natural beauty of Regent’s Park, we ventured into the heart of London’s culture and nightlife – Soho.

This district is pulsating with life, characterized by its bustling streets, eclectic architecture, and an array of restaurants and theaters. Its vibrant atmosphere has attracted creatives for decades.

We walked the streets in search for backgrounds, it was a very busy day, we had a lot of people walking around, however we managed to find exactly what we were looking for, and Zara’s vivacious energy was perfectly in sync with the liveliness of Soho, resulting in some iconic street portraits.

zara & figs

Throughout the photoshoot, Zara was donning outfits from Figs, a renowned company making stylish and functional attire for medical professionals. Figs is revolutionizing medical apparel by offering a blend of comfort and style, perfect for the modern-day healthcare worker.

So it was part of our concept, to use these outfits.

Content Creator Nurse Zara in Soho
a day of fun and laughter

Throughout the day, Zara’s vivacious personality and stellar sense of humor turned the photoshoot into an adventure. We shared laughs, stories, and her natural, photogenic presence resulted in some truly breathtaking shots. Her confidence in front of the camera is a testament to her experience as a content creator.

While in Soho, I was also reminded of the area’s rich history and how it has transformed over the years. Known for its entertainment and nightlife, Soho was once the heart of the Swinging Sixties in London, and many famous musicians frequented its clubs and bars. Fast-forward to today, it is also a melting pot of cultures with cuisine from around the world. This eclectic mix offered numerous backdrops and narratives that we could integrate into the photos.

the finishing touches

After meticulous editing using cinematic color correction techniques, the results were phenomenal.

From close-up portraits that captured Zara’s expressions to high-level street photography that looked like magazine covers, the photos were stunning.

Moreover, I experimented with one of the photos to give it a vintage film camera effect despite using a professional full-frame DSLR. This created a nostalgic feel that contrasts beautifully with the modernity of the other images.

For photography enthusiasts wondering about the gear used in this photoshoot – I employed my Canon Full-Frame  DSLR  with various lenses to get different depths and dimensions. By alternating between wide-angle and portrait lenses, we achieved a diverse range of shots. However the majority of the photos where taken using my Canon’s 50mm f/1.4  and my Sigma 105mm f/2.8.

Content Creator Nurse Zara Rigent's Park
a token for zara’s audience

As a special treat, we’re thrilled to offer Zara’s audience a 10% discount on photoshoot bookings. Use the code “Zara” on my website to avail a 10% discount on booking your photoshoot. It’s my pleasure to share my art with you all.

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Every aspect is designed to provide you with an exquisite experience.

a big “thank you!”

What I loved most about working with Zara was her authenticity. As photographers, we don’t just capture images; we capture moments and emotions. Zara’s genuine spirit shone through, making every picture a reflection of her soul.

I would like to extend my heartfelt gratitude to Zara for being an absolute delight to work with. As a professional photographer, it is my job to make people feel comfortable during the photoshoot and make the camera become invisible to them, while I guide them through posing.

And thank you very much if you made it this far reading my blog.

You can find Zara on YouTube, Instagram or Tiktok.

If you would like to have a similar experience, click the button below and book your session.

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