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The Art of Shadow

Joining the largest Greek photography community
… Today I had to step out of my comfort zone,

as I joined the largest Greek photography community,, for an extraordinary event.
Known for their insightful tutorials, comprehensive lectures, and engaging videos, this group is at the forefront of all things photography in Greece.
Their website buzzes with massive competitions and they regularly organize inspiring photo-walks.

The meeting

Our rendezvous point was Zappeion, an architectural marvel nestled beside Athens’ lush National Gardens.

It was a scene straight out of a photographer’s dream: the historic elegance of Zappeion, the vibrant energy of about 150 photography professionals, students, and enthusiasts, all under the clear Athenian sky.

The challenge

The theme of the day was ‘Shadows’ – a subject as enigmatic as it is vast.
With the Greek sun casting its warm, strong rays, every participant, from macro photographers to street artists, had a canvas to apply ‘shadows’ to their unique style.

As a portrait photographer, I’m drawn to the clarity and purity of faces. But today, I was to step out of my comfort zone.
My task? To weave shadows into the very fabric of my portraits, transforming familiar faces into canvases of light and dark.

Breaking the ice

This challenge wasn’t just artistic. Approaching strangers, breaking the ice, and collaborating on-the-spot is a world apart from working with clients or friends.

It’s an exercise in vulnerability and connection – a stark contrast to my 15 years of experience in a more controlled environment.

Conection & Practice

This photowalk was more than an event; it was a journey.
It pushed me, taught me, and connected me with amazing individuals who share my passion.

A heartfelt thank you goes to the hearts of – George Maschalidis & Dimitris Vakrinos – for orchestrating such an enriching experience.

Have you ever stepped out of your comfort zone in your creative endeavors?
I’d love to hear your stories!

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